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Have questions? Want to chat about your concerns? Give us a call! 

Three Little Birds provides free initial consultations. This consultation allows you to provide a background about your child, express any concerns and goals for therapy, as well as ask questions. A collaborative therapy approach is the mission of Three Little Birds and we strive to support the strengths and turn the needs into strengths for your child. We believe in a whole child approach- where we focus on all areas of function, and collaborate with your family and all other necessary team members to meet your child’s and family’s unique needs.


At the core, the primary goal of pediatric speech-language therapy is to help children  become independent and effective communicators. Speech therapy encompasses a vast scope including language, speech production, voice, fluency, cognition, and feeding and swallowing. Whether your child is verbal or has limited verbal communication skills, our highly trained speech-language pathologists (SLPs) can help your child develop a functional means of communication that will enhance their everyday life. Speech therapy at Three Little Birds is child-centered and capitalizes on each child’s unique interests to help build motivated and confident communicators.


Occupational therapy helps children become as independent as possible with all of the tasks they complete and activities they engage in daily. Some tasks likely include- putting their shoes on, getting dressed, brushing their teeth, feeding themselves. Some of their daily activities are playing (children learn through play so this is VITALLY important!), climbing on playgrounds, drawing with chalk, and riding a bike. The overall skill areas that occupational therapy addresses in order to facilitate increased independence and optimal functioning with all tasks and activities are: sensory processing and integration, fine motor, gross motor, visual perceptual motor, and feeding. Sensory processing and integration are at the core of everything our children do daily, therefore OT at Three Little Birds has a strong sensory integration basis. Our occupational therapists are highly qualified experts in the field and utilize their expertise to advance their client’s skills by weaving therapeutic activities into play-based and highly motivating therapy sessions.

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